Artifacts are rare & powerful items that can be found in the far reaches of Space on long forgotten Planets. They can bestow a wide range of bonuses depending on what Artifact it is, ranging from +Stats to special passive bonuses. When buying drinks in a Port Tavern, you can sometimes get hints at an Artifact's Location, or you could get really lucky & stumble upon one all by yourself! Artifacts are picked up by flying over one, & upon doing so, it's placed in your Personal Inventory, & you gain 500 Experience.

Artifacts can be sold, or traded to other players. Trading Artifacts between Players can be a useful option if you find an Artifact that doesn't really fit your Play Strategy, like for example, if you find a Cloak of Disguise Artifact when you never attempt to Rob Ports.

You can hold up to 3 Artifacts, & you cannot pick up another Artifact while you already have 3 Artifacts in your Personal Inventory. If you find a 4th Artifact in your travels, seriously consider Marking the System the found Artifact is in for future reference... Corporation Mates or Rich Players could then benefit... perhaps for a price...?

+Stat Artifacts stack, & Artifacts can enable a player to exceed the normal Maximum Stats, making the strongest possible Stat Total in a Stat 16 Points. (Imagine how hard a 16 CHA Builder can get away with Taxing their Colonies...)

List of Artifacts:

  • Beautiful Aura Necklace: Grants +2 CHA, especially useful for Builders & perhaps Corporate CEOs.
  • Cloak of Disguise: Grants additional chance to sucessfully Rob a Port undetected. Only recommended for Players of -1,000 Reputation or lower.
  • Intergalactics' Map: Decreases Warp Fuel Consumption from Warping through Warp Holes.
  • Intergalactics' Spacesuit: Grants +2 DEX, especially useful to those that wish to maneuver & fight more effectively.
  • Oracle of Wonders: Grants +2 WIS, especially useful for those that travel from system to system very frequently.
  • Persuasive Pulsator: Passively 'influences' Port Merchants into giving you better Prices.
  • Shield Emanator: Strengthens the Shields to reduce damage to the Ship.
  • Superconductor: Increases Energy Regeneration Speed.

Think carefully on which Artifacts would best suit your Playstyle & Strategy... & remember, there are only so many Artifacts in each Galaxy...