Buildings are an important aspect of Colonies. They have various functions that help keep your Colony going, ranging from housing your Colonists to holding onto Funds.

Colonists can be assigned to work on the current construction project. These workforce settings are adjusted in the Biodome Management Screen, in the lower left corner.

Construction projects lead to new colonial improvements. The current improvement building is shown in the lower right hand area of the Biodome Management Screen and can be changed there as well.

The more Colonists set to construction, the faster the project will be completed.

Some projects also require a certain amount of Resources to complete. Those resources are stored in the colony's Refinery, which is a colonial improvement itself and a prerequisite for many of the other types of buildings. This list shows the common buildings and their build times with 100 Colonists working on them (i.e. a colony of population 100 set to 100% Constructing, or a colony of population 1,000 set to 10% Constructing). Build times can be rushed for an expensive price tag, about $150,000 per day in the day units listed below. Rushing takes care of the time requirement only; resources may still be required.

Note: When you Place the Biodome Kit down to Found a Colony, it starts with a Biodome (Lvl 1) Building within it automatically.

Colony Buildings
Building Days to Complete Build Points Function
Biodome (Lvl 1) 0 0 Houses up to 1,000 Colonists, & is fully available from the start after the Biodome Kit is placed down onto the Planet Surface.
Biodome (Lvl 2) 5 800 Increases Colony Max Population to 5,000 Colonists.
Biodome (Lvl 3) 10 1,400 Increases Colony Max Population to 25,000 Colonists. (On Level Easy Galaxy Servers, 10,000 Colonists.)
Refinery (Lvl 1) 5 300 Enables Harvesting of Resources from the Planet, & storage of Resources.
Refinery (Lvl 2) 6 500 Increases Harvesting Output by 50%.
Refinery (Lvl 3) 7 800 Decreases Pollution Rate & allows Pollution Cleaning.
Radio Receiver 3 250 Increases Morale Growth of the Colony, & displays Population and Morale Calculations.
Broadcast Receiver 5 800 Upgrades the Radio Receiver into this, & further strengthens the Morale Growth of the Colony.
Weapons Factory 8 1,600 Enables Construction & Storage of Missiles, Turrets, & Mines, & enables Construction of the Solar Cannon. Can be set to produce nothing.
Solar Cannon 12 2,000 A very powerful Colony Defense Weapon that sits in the Colony, with Customizable Settings. Consumes Metal Ore, & cannot fire if Metal Ore is in too short a supply.
Entertainment N/A N/A Converts Construction Power into Morale Boost.