There are 17 Ranks for each Good and Bad class. To level up in each rank, your experience and reputation must be a certain level.
So, in order to get a higher Good rank, you must do good things. And to get a higher Bad rank, you must do bad things like stealing from a star port.

Also note that, shooting yellow players will give you bad experience, and shooting red players will give you good experience.

Rank Name Good Bad

Experience Required

Civilian Civilian 0
Private Miscreant 10
Corporal Delinquent 100
Midshipman Nuisance 500
Sergeant Trouble Maker 1,000
First Sergeant Outlaw 2,000
Warrant Officer Mercenary 5,000
Ensign Thief 10,000
Lieutenant Smuggler 15,000
Major Robber 20,000
Commander Public Enemy 25,000
Commodore Terrorist 35,000
Colonel Pirate 50,000
Vice Admiral Infamous Pirate 100,000
Admiral Dread Pirate 250,000
Fleet Admiral Galactic Scourge 500,000
Emperor Dark Overlord Top 10