There are eight types of natural resources that fuel galactic civilization. They can be bought or sold at Starports and traded across the galaxy for profit. Resources are transported in a spaceship's Cargo Holds and stored in a Colony's Refinery. Resources originally come from Planets, where they can either be gathered from defeated Aliens, or Harvested by Colonists living in a Colony with a Refinery.

Four of the resources are called the consumer resources because they can be used by colonies to give bonuses. They are Anaerobes and Organics for reproduction, and Medicine and Oil for morale. If these resources are not available, the colony's morale and reproduction rate will suffer.

Here they are listed in order of usual value:

  • Metal Ore - Used in building and construction, and to power Solar Cannons.
  • Anaerobes - Oxygen-recycling bioforms necessary for life support.
  • Medicine - Drugs used to treat illnesses and keep people happy.
  • Organics - Food and drink that humans must consume to live.
  • Oil - Used to fuel and maintain the mechanical devices that make life easy.
  • Uranium - A powerful fuel source for spaceships and massive weapons.
  • Equipment - High tech manufactured gadgetry.
  • Spice - The most precious compound in the galaxy is commonly called spice, and is used to warp the fabric of space.

Spice JettingEdit

Spice jetting is a secondary method of generating Warp Fuel. 400 fuel can be generated a day by jettisoning spice into space. 1 gallon of fuel is generated for every cargo hold emptied.

Spice jetting only works when doing it in Space... It is a waste of Spice to try this on Planets or in Port.